Lakers/Celtics… .

Probably the most amped I have been in a long time with regards to an NBA finals matchup… Not just the tradition of it all but the players involved and different story lines.. I am guessing this will be the highest rated NBA finals in a long time!…  


Poor Yankees…..

The once dominant Yankees stand at 20-25 in last place and 7.5 games out of first place!!!. They have been outscored on the current homestand 30-8!!! Can you say hot seat for manager Joe Girardi???. Teams with low payrolls such as Tampa and Florida are for real and play hard every night. The Yankees need to suck it up and play old school aggressive baseball and play hard.. .They are going through the motions right now and their pitching is getting knocked around every night. I am sure Hank & George are going to make some moves soon especially with the dominance of The Boston Red Sox!…. Go Tampa …. 🙂

Spurs Have Life….

Can’t stand the Spurs .Really was hoping to see them go down 3-0 last night and through two and a half quarters it was looking good. Now they have life again …..looking for The Hornets to do what they did against Dallas and win on the road in game 4. Did I say I can’t stand the Spurs???.. They need to be taken out already!. CP you are the man to do it!.


Wow…. when did this team get so good?? Some very good moves over the past few years including bringing back one of the best coaches in the game, holding on to the best player in the league,  and all of a sudden you have a team that could be winning another title and be a strong force for the next few years. This team is the real deal.. a mix of senior leadership  with Kobe, Fisher, & Odom blended in with Gasol who is becoming a leader and a superstar (best mid season move in years) and youth such as Walton, Vujacic, & Farmar…..Phx Suns.. this is the team you will be looking up at the next few years unless some very good moves are made shortly!   

Chris Paul And A Lakers/Celtics Final….

How good is Chris Paul? He is off the charts and just ripping through each defense he goes up against in his first year in the playoffs.

I really can’t stand The Spurs and am looking forward to a Lakers/Hornets west conf final. I see the finals going back old school 80’s with The Lakers against Boston… The TV ratings for the NBA finals should be the highest in years if these two meet.

Phoenix Suns ….What To Do Now???

I was not a big advocate of the deal for Shaq, I said it as soon as I heard the news. I realize that Marion & Amare could not co exist and a change needed to occur but instead of go after an aging Shaq who has maybe one or two more productive years they should have stock piled some draft picks and gotten a player like Haslem in the deal from the Heat. Yes the Suns were trying to win a championship this year but in such a deep western conf was not going to happen with the addition of a beat up and aging Shaq. The Lakers were very smart and brought in an all star in Gasol that is in his prime to go alongside Kobe. If the Suns don’t make some serious moves this off season they could see themselves on a rapid decline.

First of all D’Antoni needs to move on and that is going to happen. His style is not suited for winning a championship. It is a fun style to watch for the fans but his teams are not defensive minded and they tend to make numerous mistakes in important games, case in point the last game against The Spurs with several key turnovers late in the 4th quarter. The Suns need to bring in a coach that will allow them to fast break and get out and run but at the same time play a physically tough and methodical style that will wear on a team much like what the Spurs have done in winning their titles. The Spurs are not a pretty team to watch nor are The Pistons, but guess who has been winning titles the past 5-7 years.

One major move to consider which will not be popular with Suns fans is trading Steve Nash to an eastern conf team in exchange for one or two good young players as well as a # 1 & #2 draft pick so they can start to get younger and deeper now rather than later. I truly don’t think this team is built to win achampionship especially with the Rise of The Hornets and Lakers, and very good teams like The Jazz, Rockets, and Mavericks. Nash is 33 and probably will only play another two seasons especially with his nagging back injury. You build the team around Amare and start to get some solid young talent in that will not sit on the bench but play right away.

I like Diaw and Barbosa to go along with Amare but I figure Shaq plays one more season and then they are back to not having a big body again to control the paint and being a soft team. I can go on and on about this but the Suns got much older and rickety when Shaq joined them to go along side an aging Nash, and Grant Hill. If they could somehow trade up in the draft to get Derrick Rose, the point guard out of Memphis who is coming out early and  who I think is going to be a super star like Chris Paul for the next ten years that would be a great move for the Suns. Is it a long shot to pull off, Yes it is but these are the kind of things that the Suns need to look at doing right now rather than relying on the current group they have in place as  they will only go as far as MAYBE the first round again next  season. it is time for The Suns to regroup and reload to keep up with the fierce western conf! Kerr are you listening??
I sure hope so..