Bio Of A Sports Junkie

Brian Sacks:


SACKS, a serial entrepreneur by day and sports fanatic by

night, has been active in the sports radio community in

Arizona for the past 5 years. Sacks first teamed up with Dorf

at former ESPN affiliate AM 860, There they created the

Sports Junkies brand and the crazy whacky duo of Sacks &

Dorf was born.

Sacks has been playing and talking sports his entire life with

a strong passion and knowledge of the sports world. It’s

pretty much impossible to get into a conversation with him

and not end up talking sports. Bringing a unique energy and

perspective to sports radio, Sacks never holds back what’s

on his mind which often stirs up the pot with Dorf and call in


He’s been coined as a fantasy football expert, or “Prophet

as many call him. And when football season is in play

listeners tune in to get his advice on what to do for the

upcoming NFL Sunday. Sacks has appeared on numerous

local radio shows as “The Prophet“ talking picks, with

listeners anxious to get his weekly fantasy expert picks. Few

have his passion and knack for college football. When Sacks

gives his selections on the air… people listen.

Sacks is without a doubt a bonafied Sports Junkie!!


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